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Real Tail

Real Tail

Designed to give a natural look. The Bait swims really well and looks natural with this tail.

When the third joint is open it transform into a so-called "swimmer" - it swims in a natural way and quite straight on a normal retrieve, it can glides a bit to the sides on a pause or a twitch of the rod tip. If you close the third joint than it transforms into a Glide bait and then you can make it go side to side or if you only reel it in the lure will swim in a wide S pattern and at the spin stop it glides to the sides (right or left), if you twitch the rod than it can make a 180 or even 360, or even up and down depends on how you weighted the lure- This is a great platform that you easily create your dream bait.

A soft tail (made of plastisol) gives the bait a gentle more natural swimming action.

A soft tail can increase the hook up. How? If they strike from the behind then the soft tail will not stand in the way as a hard tail which improves the chances that the fish will get hooked.


    Watch how it works

    Watch how the Fly Transformer works

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