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About TGC

TGC started with the vision of creating and offering the best possible lures.

It was a crazy process but I made it- There are no lures that are just as versatile, as innovative as the Transformer Division.

I live and fish in Sweden. Driven by the passion of fishing and lure making.

These lures are a result of three crazy years of work and tests. Many things are different with everything that has to do with TGC and the reasons  is that I have saved in all the possible aspects so I could invest in the developing and manufacturing the best possible lures.

How it started

One of my first memories is fishing. Predators were always the passion and I started to make my own lures 1998 for my own use. I tried many different types of lures as I always want to use the best possible lures and to optimize the lure to the situation I fish at. For about three years ago I got an idea and it was the beginning of the Roach Transformer.

Why TGC?

TGC is made for creating top of the line lures with the ability to let any angler to top tune the lure to the given moment that he fish in fast and easy. Over and over without damaging the lure and in no time.  

Try hundreds of lures which you probably wold not be able to afford if you had to buy them all.

The company is registered and located in Sweden. 

Meddelandet togs emot.

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