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Roach Transformer- Rude Carp e

Roach Transformer- Rude Carp e

By describing it in a more simple way, This Lure is a platform in the shape of a good baitfish. With that platform you can transform it to a Glide bait, a Swimmer, crankbait and transform it from floating to fast sinking, very Easy, in seconds. Like a Smartphone that you download different Applications that you need you add different parts to the lure to transform it to what you need instead of buying so many different lures. And NO, just because it can do many things doesn’t mean that it can’t do them really well, you can really fine tune it to what you want. And it is simple. Now if you like the action that you saw on one of the videos but feel that you want it but don’t want to spend the time on tuning it by yourself than you can ask me and I will tune it for you with the hooks you want for a decent price. (Just because I tuned it doesn’t mean you can’t tune it over and over/ it is designed to do so).

This System of lures is really unique, it is not simple to describe it shortly.

This system is developed to give you the best lure for most given situations. Since most anglers know that it is almost an impossible thing as if you usually need different types of lures for different environments, depth, water temperature and visibility and different seasons. To be able to do that I developed this lure that you can transform into more than 600 different lures! (If you buy all the extra parts) How? By changing 9 different tails, adding or removing weights and lips and by locking or unlocking three different joints. It is very easy and fast to transform the lure by opening or locking the joints, changing the tails, add or remove weights and lips. It gives you the options to fish it from extremely slow- to burning it.

The lure is a well proven lure and has the swimming actions that many proven lures have.

It is a 3D scan of a real Roach (Rutilus Rutilus) which looks very much like the American Gold shiner.

The construction of the lure is as tough and strong as we could produce and it is very strong hardware compare to normal lures, it is built to last.


The size is 7.5” without a Tail connector and tail and when all the joints are closed.

9”-10” (22-25cm) with a Real tail.

The weight is 160gr to 240gr depending on which combination you transform it into (you get a packet of stainless steel weights, each bead weighs 0.25grams and the bag contains 50grams of 4mm SS304 stainless steel weights).


This lure is assembled and painted by hand, so small differences on the paint can appear on the product you get.


Please notice that the price is for the body, Weights and a Teflon tape, you choose which tails you want to buy separately.  

The Roach Transformer combines the best lures that I have made since 1998 and they are the result of three extremely intensive years of lure making to give you the best possible lures, to make it easier for you when you fish, save you time, money and storage place! By having such a powerful tools you can try lures that you did not believe enough in to buy them but that might just give you that fish that you dream of!


(If you are afraid of losing that bait- I use an 80lbs braid and I haven’t lost a lure in a few years. (Yes, I know- it is bad for the business to write this but I am an angler and a working man and I know the worth of your hard earned money so I write it anyway!).


Now these are introduction prices as the factory won’t make them anymore as it takes the same time to make one Roach Transformer as 20 crank baits. In case I will need to order more lures I need to find a Factory that can manufacture them and to work there to assure the quality (I Needed to send all the lures to Sweden and I go through each lure to make sure everything works and it takes a lot of time to remove coating from the moving parts and springs).


Buyers from outside Sweden get the price without Vat and therefore are responsible to pay the Tax,VAT or duty fees in their countries.


This color is more expensive compare to the others because of that a worker needs to put each part through a machine to coat it with the Prisma tape which makes it more expensive to manufacture

    Watch how it works

    Watch how the Fly Transformer works

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