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Buzztail e

Buzztail e

The Buzztail is designed to give a more natural look when fishing with a buzz blade as it is the same size as the real tail and therefore it looks more natural with this Buzz blade placed on the "right" side of the bait.


The Buzz tail moves massively with water with relatively little resistance for those who fish!


The bait swims really well when you just reel it, it swims in an S pattern. It's good to jerk it like a jerkbait to get it side to side or make it do 180 (with a jerk and stop it can turn over and the head looks at the predator like when a baitfish can turn around to see if there is a predator behind it which can result in a reflex strike) or even do a 360!.

The Buzztail has delivered fish in the fall when nothing else has delivered fish!


When using it with a Magnum spoon when the bait is floating, the bait swims on the surface and the Buzztail partly in the air, creates a lot of noise, bubbles and turbulence in the water - this combination is optimal when it's cloudy in the water or when it's dark, then it will be difficult for the fish to not to discover the bait!


The orange spoon is luminous! Try it on a cloudy dark day or when you're fishing in the dark - it's really exciting fishing and the pike usually strikes really hard!


Patent pending

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